Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Portland, OR

Don’t settle for bare minimum benefits when your work-related injury or illness requires more. Instead, turn to the Law Offices of Peter O. Hansen. After decades of serving injured workers, Mr. Hansen knows the most effective ways of navigating through the system.

While there may only be four types of benefits for accepted claims, this workers’ compensation lawyer in Portland, OR, has earned previous clients amounts that go above and beyond standard benefits. He works with you to determine if you need medical care, temporary disability benefits, permanent disability benefits, or vocational rehabilitation, as well as any additional care. Then, he looks at the details of your case and gives you a realistic idea of what you could earn through litigation or settlement.

When a Workers’ Comp Attorney Can Help

Determining when you need help from a workers’ comp attorney can be difficult. Fortunately, Mr. Hansen offers free initial consultations, allowing you to get the legal advice you need to feel confident moving forward with your case.

Besides determining the specific benefits you should receive, Mr. Hansen can also provide the guidance you need to ensure you’re going through the claims process in the most efficient and effective way. Whether you’re filing a new claim or trying to determine whether to appeal a denied claim, he stays by your side throughout the entire process.

Dedicated and Experienced Workmen’s Comp Lawyer

Get the help you need during this stressful time. Perhaps your claim is being denied and you need a workmen’s comp lawyer to let you know if the settlement being offered to you is fair. Perhaps you’re wondering whether you should take a settlement rather than going through litigation. Whatever the case may be, you can count on Mr. Hansen.

This workers’ compensation lawyer has handled everything from filing basic claims to appealing and reopening claims. So whatever you need for your workers’ comp case, he is here to provide it.

With more than four decades of experience in this field, Mr. Hansen knows how to guide clients to their optimal outcomes. He explains the different options the clients has and sets expectations about the legal process and the possible outcomes. With this level of dedication, you can have more peace of mind throughout your legal journey.

Contact Mr. Hansen today to get legal advice about your workers’ compensation case. He proudly serves clients in and around Portland, Beaverton, Gresham, Hillsboro, and Salem, Oregon.