Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Portland, OR

Know the types of care and compensation you’re entitled to after you’ve been injured on the job. When you turn to the Law Offices of Peter O. Hansen, you get the guidance you need to understand your workers’ compensation benefits in Portland, OR.

When people get injured or sick because of their working conditions, they have to worry about a lot more than just their medical care. If it’s serious enough, they may need to worry about physical rehabilitation, vocational retraining, or lost wages due to their absence from work, and permanent loss of wage earning ability.

Because Mr. Hansen has worked in this area of law for more than four decades, he knows which workers’ compensation benefits apply to different situations. So schedule a free consultation to discuss which ones you can expect and how you and Mr. Hansen will work to earn them.

Medical and Disability Benefits

Immediately after you are hurt on the job is the best time to get the appropriate medical care and get advice from a doctor about how long your injury is going to last, as well as how it’s going to affect your life. Workers’ compensation benefits do include the costs of your medical care, including treatments, medications, as well as mileage to and from various medical facilities. These benefits may be affected by pre-existing conditions, but Mr. Hansen will do everything he can to prove that your work-related injury is the major cause of your issues.

If you are unable to return to work immediately, you may also receive temporary disability. This amounts to two-thirds of your normal paycheck. If, however, you are able to do some work at a level lower than what you were performing before, temporary disability can be used to make up the difference in pay.

Unfortunately, some accidents lead to more permanent injuries. That’s why the state’s workers’ compensation benefits also include permanent partial disability. Some impairments, such as loss of range of motion or strength, may qualify you for an impairment-only award. However, if your limitations keep you from doing work at the level you were before, you can get impairment plus work disability to compensate for future lost earnings, in some cases for the rest of your life.

Benefits for Those Who Can’t Go Back to Their Previous Jobs

The last type of workers’ compensation benefit that the state provides is vocational rehabilitation. This benefit helps those who can’t perform their job above 80% of what they did before their injury. In this case, workers can be retrained at a school or college for a total of 18 months and have the program paid for, and be paid disability benefits while enrolled and engaged in an authorized  retraining program. 

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